Environmentally Sustainable Livestock Production. Verified.

cleaner water…cleaner air…better economics

Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc., is publicly-traded on the OTC QB Market: BNET

Environmental Impacts

US EPA calls excess nutrients one of the greatest water quality problems in the U.S. today. Toxic algae blooms and contaminated groundwater from livestock waste runoff are now common. Climate impacts are a growing concern… read more

Patented Technology

Bion’s patented third gen technology platform provides comprehensive environmental treatment of livestock waste and was developed to recover high value organic fertilizer products, renewable energy, and clean water from the waste… read more

Sustainable Solution

Direct treatment of livestock waste can create dramatic savings in clean water costs and climate solutions. Sustainability, including verified environmental improvements, can be communicated to the consumer in a USDA-certified brand… read more

Policy Changes Coming

Escalating clean water costs and declining water quality are the symptoms of a failing strategy. Livestock production also impacts climate change. Policy changes that reflect those realities are gaining broader support… read more