Bion Environmental Technologies (OTC QB: BNET) is a technology, strategy, and policy leader in a new ‘space’ developing at the intersection of the $175B U.S. animal-protein industry, the clean water sector, climate change and renewable energy, and consumer demand. Bion’s patented and proven technology was developed to provide advanced waste treatment for large-scale livestock production facilities – meat, eggs, or dairy, as well as maximize resource recovery of clean water, nutrients, and renewable energy from the waste stream.

Bion is focused on the U.S. beef industry, especially, because it faces a unique set of challenges; our technology and strategic partner model put us in an equally unique position to pioneer foundational change in this largest segment of the livestock industry. Our primary opportunity is to bring both environmental AND economic sustainability to beef production and finishing, that is facing growing criticism from advocacy groups and the media, regulatory agencies, competitors, and its own consumers.

Our Gen3Tech platform will substantially improve production efficiencies and economics for any livestock species, while simultaneously providing low-cost high-impact solutions to several of our nation’s clean water, air quality, and public health issues. These improvements can be measured and third-party verified and can significantly reduce clean water and clean air costs to the U.S. taxpayer. Improvements can also be transmitted to the consumer at the point of sale, to support a USDA-certified sustainable brand and premium pricing.  

Bion’s technology can deliver a ‘cleantech makeover’ for concentrated livestock production, that is facing increasing pressure worldwide for its outdated and unsustainable practices. Change has already begun in the EU and New Zealand; it is inevitable in certain regions of the U.S., and soon. Bion’s Gen3Tech platform and the business model it supports, can provide a pathway to true economic and environmental sustainability with ‘win-win’ benefits for the livestock industry and its producers, the environment, and the consumer.


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