Bion Environmental Technologies’ (OTC QB: BNET) is a technology and policy leader in a new ‘space’ developing at the intersection of the U.S. $175B animal-protein industry, the $110B-plus clean water sector, renewable energy and climate change, and consumer demand. Bion’s patented and proven technology provides advanced waste treatment and resource recovery for large-scale livestock production facilities – meat, dairy, and egg producers. The opportunity is to clean up livestock production, the ‘dirtiest’ part of the food supply chain and perhaps the largest unregulated source of pollution in the U.S. 

Large-scale livestock production facilities – CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) – deal with their waste today much as farmers did 150 years ago. They spread it on the ground, untreated, for its fertilizer value. There is tremendous waste and inefficiency in this antiquated practice, in addition to unsustainable environmental and public health impacts. The industry is under attack for these impacts from a wide range of detractors and competitors and they are losing customers. Cleanup is inevitable, but complicated; livestock production is not regulated under the Clean Water Act like other industries, and its margins are thin.

Bion’s technology platform provides low-cost high-impact solutions to the industry’s environmental and public health issues while simultaneously delivering substantially better efficiencies and economics. These improvements are third-party verified and validated by blockchain. They will be available to the consumer digitally at the point of sale, where they will support a USDA-certified sustainable brand and command premium pricing.  

Bion’s technology can deliver a ‘cleantech makeover’ for large-scale livestock production, with dramatic reductions in environmental impacts and significant improvements to resource and operational efficiencies. Bion’s verified improvements will back both a USDA-certified sustainable brand that will gain and hold the confidence and trust of its consumers, as well as validate water quality improvements that will save taxpayers billions of dollars. Bion’s 3G tech platform can provide a pathway to true economic and environmental sustainability with ‘win-win’ benefits for at least a premium sector of the $175 billion U.S. livestock industry, the environment, and the consumer.


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