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Michael J. McCloskey

March 01, 2015 Bion

Michael J. McCloskey, who became a consultant to Bion and its Projects Group during 2005 with respect to its Integrated Projects initiatives and the entire dairy business, obtained his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1976 from the University of Mexico, Mexico City and completed a specialty in dairy production medicine from the University of California, Davis, which he attended from 1978-80. He is the co-owner/manager of Fair Oaks Dairy Farm, a 15,000 head dairy farm in Fair Oaks, Indiana and is actively involved in the ownership and management of dairies in other states.

In 1992, Dr. McCloskey formed a milk marketing business called Quality Milk Sales. As the coowner/manager of Quality Milk Sales, he is responsible for marketing the milk produced by the dairy farmer members of Select Milk Producers and Continental Dairy Products, who jointly produce in excess of 4 billion pounds of milk per year. These cooperatives stretch through New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Dr. McCloskey was 3 instrumental in the formation of the Southwest Agency, an agency that controls the marketing and transportation of virtually all milk marketed in Texas and New Mexico. The success of the Southwest Agency is now being viewed as the model for achieving price stability without government intervention in other regions of the country. Dr. McCloskey successfully brought together a joint venture between Glanbia Foods, Select Milk Producers, and Dairy Farmers of America to establish Southwest Cheese Company (‘SWC’).

Dr. McCloskey serves on the board of National Milk Producers Federation and participates in the Federal Order Policy and Dairy Export Policy committees. Dr. McCloskey has had the opportunity to be in a leadership position in every aspect of the dairy industry: from individual cow production to processing, from marketing to federal order reform, and from regional political issues to national issues and international trade.