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Timothy C. den Dulk

March 01, 2015 Bion

Timothy C. den Dulk, who became a consultant to Bion and its Projects Group during 2005 with respect to its Integrated Projects initiatives and the entire dairy business, owns and manages dairy farms in California, New Mexico, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana that milk approximately 30,000 cows. He also raises dairy heifers in Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota which, when combined with his dairy cows, total to a herd size of almost 60,000 cows. Mr. den Dulk farms row crops on approximately 20,000 acres in the above-mentioned states and grapes, walnuts, peaches and almonds in California. These numbers and geographical diversification give Mr. den Dulk a unique national presence in the U.S. dairy and farming industry.

Mr. den Dulk is owner and participates in the management of: a) Quality Milk Sales, Inc., New Mexico, which accounts for 350 loads of milk per day, $600,000,000 yearly sales and employs 45 people (including plant employees); b) Pioneer Dairy Laboratory, Inc., New Mexico, Texas; c) Pecos Dairy Investment Group, L.L.C. (Reverse osmosis and Ultra-filtration technology); d) Siesta Foods, Mexico; e) 1st National Bank, Artesia, New Mexico (Ownership of 35%) & f) Farm Journal, LTD; (Minority partner- Publication of Farm Journal magazine). In addition, Mr. den Dulk was a) an Incorporator and Director (1994- 1998) of Select Milk Producers, Inc. which is currently managed and operated by Mr. den Dulk’s business, Quality Milk Sales) and b) President (1998- present), Incorporator, and Director, Continental Dairy Products, Inc., an Ohio marketing cooperative formed in 1998 (a rapidly growing cooperative with members in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan).