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For Immediate Release - April 8, 2004

Bion Announces Independent Review Team to Evaluate Second-Generation Nutrient Management System Performance

April 8, 2004. New York, New York. Bion Dairy Corporation ('Bion Dairy'), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc. ('Bion') (Pink Sheets: BNET), announced today that its second-generation Bion Nutrient Management System ('Bion NMS') at the DeVries Dairy in Erath County, Texas, will be reviewed by an independent panel of environmental experts.

The DeVries installation has been operating since October 2003. Since December, the Bion NMS has consistently converted over 90% of the phosphorus in the dairy's waste stream from soluble to particulate form while reducing the soluble nitrogen in the dairy's effluent to less than approximately 20% of the daily loading from the waste stream. These results were determined using independent lab testing.

An independent review will commence shortly that will include an analysis of both nutrient conversion from soluble to particulate form and air emissions from the Bion NMS. To accomplish the air tests, a tank-based, fully-enclosed module was installed during March 2004. Bion anticipates that the results from the DeVries trials will be available to be announced by mid-June 2004.

The third-party independent review team has been assembled and has agreed on a common protocol for testing which will commence during late-April 2004. The team is led by Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc. (CDM), a global environmental engineering and consulting firm, and consists of:

  • Three senior environmental engineering consultants with process and air pollution expertise from CDM and J. R. Wauford, a wastewater engineering firm.
  • Two agricultural / dairy air pollution specialists from the University of Nebraska and South Dakota State University.
  • A biological process / agricultural pollution control expert from Oklahoma State University.
  • Advice is being provided by senior engineers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service Conservation Engineering Division, the University of Texas and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District.

In addition, the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality has agreed to review the sampling. Additional participants may be added to the review team.

Bion believes that the results from the DeVries trials will validate the data obtained from previous trials conducted at the Dream Maker Dairy in upstate NY. The Dream Maker trials demonstrated nutrient conversion from soluble to particulate form in excess of 80% and a reduction in air emissions of up to 98%.

About Bion: Bion Dairy Corporation designs and operates advanced waste and wastewater treatment systems for large dairy farms. Bion systems utilize patented biological and engineering processes to provide proven treatment solutions to the nutrient management and air emissions problems associated with these operations. The Company's web address is

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