Stovall Ranching Companies

Stovall Ranching Companies and Bion will partner to develop a new-generation cattle feeding facility.

Turk Stovall will join Bion’s Board of Directors and lead a joint venture between Stovall Ranching Companies and Bion to develop the project. The facility will produce premium quality Montana beef that the partners believe will be the ‘cleanest’, most eco-friendly finished beef in the marketplace.

The Stovall/Bion cattle project is planned to construct a 15,000 head capacity facility at Stovall’s Yellowstone Cattle Feeders, in Shepherd, Montana. Cattle will be finished in barns designed for feed efficiencies and cattle welfare, while being outfitted with solar generation and advanced waste treatment and resource recovery systems provided by Bion’s patented closed-loop technologies.

Turk Stovall is a fifth-generation Montana rancher and CEO/owner of Stovall Ranching Companies and Yellowstone Cattle Feeders. He earned a BS in Animal Science from Montana State University; an MS in Animal Science from Oklahoma State University; and an MBA from Purdue University.  He held management positions with Certified Angus Beef, the largest branded beef company in the US, North Platte Feeders, an 80,000 head commercial  feedlot, and ORIgen, a beef semen and embryo company. Turk serves as Second VP of the Montana Stockgrowers Association and has served on the Cattleman’s Beef Board by appointment of the US Secretary of Agriculture.  He is often published in the Journal of Animal Science and industry press and speaks on supply chain and other beef industry topics.    

Stovall Ranching Companies includes diversified family ranches in Yellowstone County and Big Horn County, on the Crow Indian Reservation. Stovall operates a large Angus beef herd and stocker program that supplies cattle into high grade beef programs, expansive farms, a procurement company specializing in brand beef supply chains, and management consulting. Yellowstone Cattle Feeders is Montana’s largest custom feedlot, with 25,000 head, that specializes in value-added services for Montana cattle producers and finishes cattle to supply local and national beef packers, including specialized brand beef programs.